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Airless Pump Cosmetic Bottle - 30 ml

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Airless Pump Bottle
Part Number: PUMP-30

Preserve the freshness and value of your natural homemade products with these smooth air-tight and leak-proof bottles that come with frosted white bodies and beautiful silver matte caps. They are also complete with inserted tubeless dispenser pumps that are capped with shiny silver collars. Perfect for storing oils, creams, lotions, serums, and milks, among many other products.

How Does It Work?

Filling liquid product to the top of this amazing little bottle creates a vacuum inside. With every pump of the contents, the tiny hole at the bottom allows for just enough air pressure to move the product to the top, ready for the next pump. The vacuum is thus maintained, which is what keeps the product from leaking out! The refillable nature of these bottles makes them eco-friendly.

These are available in 15 ml and 30 ml sizes

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