Coffee Butter - Green

Coffee Butter - Green

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In this Coffee Butter, Green Coffee Oil, which is known to be loaded with Chlorogenic Acid, a powerful antioxidant, and with a significant amount of fatty acids and polysterols, is blended with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil to produce a rich butter with a dense viscosity and a smooth texture. For years, Green Coffee Oil has been used as an ingredient in beauty-enhancing cosmetic treatments. Today, it continues to be used by several world-famous spas for its ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite and to improve the look of the skin.

Green Coffee Oil stimulates the detoxification of the skin, thereby helping to cleanse and clarify while soothing several symptoms of skin ailments such as acne, sores, itchiness, scaling, and dead cell build up. Similar to the body’s natural oils, Green Coffee Oil has the same pH level as human skin. This helps it balance the skin’s moisture levels to maintain its health. This new and intense formula will hydrate and soften the skin. Applied to mature skin as a night treatment, this light butter leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Common Uses of Butters:
 Body Massage
 Hair Mask
 After-Sun Creams and Lotions
 Sun Protection Products
 Hair Conditioners

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