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Himalayan Pink Salts - Relaxation

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Relaxation Pink Himalayan Salt

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Our Relaxation Blend contains pure Natural Himalayan Salt  with added Essential Oils.  Lavender, Bergamot and Sweet Orange create a relaxing scent.  The salt contains 84 essential minerals, more than any other salt, such as magnesium, potassium, bromide and calcium. Naturally harvested from mineral-rich ocean waters that dried and crystallized 250 million years ago.
These salt minerals help the nervous system, relieve stress, can relive water retention and restore a healthy calcium balance, which strengthens bones and nails.  

Himalayan Salts in a bath allow you to cleanse the body and revive your spirit.  The minerals and negative ions penetrate the skin, producing a cleansing and detoxifying effect that can leave your skin and mind feeling rejuvenated and invigorated for hours thereafter.  Just a handful in your bath will increase circulation, aiding in sore muscle relief. 


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